About DLAM & IACUC Required Training

Individuals must be added to an approved animal care and use protocol prior to receiving any training from DLAM or the IACUC.

It is required that all personnel complete all required DLAM/IACUC training as well as receiving health clearance before working with research animals.

The required DLAM & IACUC training requirements are as follows:

  1. Complete the NU-IACUC & DLAM On-Line Training Course, and take the qualifying quiz.  A score a 75% or above is required.
  2. Enter the NU-IACUC & DLAM Occupational Health and Safety Program for Working with Research Animals by receiving training from the DLAM administrative office, submitting an Animal Contact Questionnaire form and receiving “Health  Clearance” from either University Health Services (all undergrad/grad student) or Mount Auburn Hospital (All Faculty, Staff, and Post-Docs).
  3. Participate in a Facility Tour from one of the DLAM technicians that work in the facility you will be working in. The tour will be discussed at the Health Training session.

Sessions for the NU-IACUC & DLAM Occupational Health and Safety Program for Working with Research Animals training are held the first and third Thursday every month at 10:00 AM in the DLAM Administrative Offices (12 Mugar-basement). To register for this training, please email [email protected] prior to the session.

It is also required that personnel working with research animals be properly trained in the procedures they will perform with those animals.  Improper training could result in undue pain or distress to the animals, injury, or even loss of the animals.  To ensure this requirement is being met, the IACUC and DLAM have provided resources and infrastructure for individual training as well as offering a training course called “Basic Training” – Proper Techniques for Using Rodents in Research”.   This basic course is offered to train individuals in a wide variety of common procedures used when working with animals in research.  A list and dates of courses can be found here.

For each of these sessions, we keep the number of attendees to a minimum to ensure understanding and proficiency in all techniques. Stations are set up before the session to ensure all needed equipment is available and so the instructor can be dedicated only to what is being taught.

To inquire when the next session will be taught or to schedule individual training, please view our Training Course Schedule page, or contact the DLAM administrative office.