• About DLAM & IACUC Required Training
  • Training on Safety Concerns for Working with Laboratory Animals (required to work with animals) is held at 10:00 AM the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month in 012 Mugar.    If you are coming, you are required to register at  [email protected].  Please note, we start at 10:00 AM sharp, so if you are late, you will have to come to the next session.
  • DLAM Technical Courses offered
    • Mouse and Rat 101 — Handling, restraint, identification, and euthanasia 
    • Mouse and Rat 102 — Injections: SC, IP, IV, and oral gavage
    • Mouse and Rat 103 — Blood collection techniques
    • Rodent 201 — Surgery and post operative monitoring
    • Isoflurane Machine 101 — Use of an isoflurane anesthesia machine for anesthetizing mice and rats
    • Suturing 101 — Different suturing techniques
  • Course Schedule
  • One-On-One training is also offered for individuals or groups when training courses are not available. To schedule a session, contact the DLAM office.
  • Working with Rodents Infected with BL-2 Agents
  • Supplementary Training Videos

For more information about DLAM’s training resources, please contact the DLAM office.