DLAM Services and Charges

Service Charges:

Effective July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024

Service Type
Technical ServicesCharged in 15-minute increments                                       (Technical Services charged 1.5x the rate on weekends and 1.75 x the rate on Holidays)$50.00/Hour
Anesthesia Machine UseCharged in 15 minute increments.$11.00/Hour
Cage Separation ChargeCharged on the number of cages created from original cage (Charged if PI does not respond to DLAM request to separate within requested time)$25.00/Cage Created
Rodent Importation/ ExportationBased on a simple import/export within USA.  If foreign import/export, additional fees will be applied$78.00
Room Set Up FeeCharged for cleaning and setting up room for studies lasting less that 60 days$78.00
Ordering SuppliesA 15% surcharge will be added to all purchases of supplies for researchers (excluding animal purchases) to cover cost of ordering and processing the purchase. There is a cap of $250 for a single purchase.15% of purchase