The Northeastern University IACUC (NU-IACUC) serves as an advisory committee to the Office of the President on matters concerning the humane and ethical care of laboratory animals, adequacy of animal facilities, animal health, and occupational and student health as related to animal diseases. The NU-IACUC operates in accordance with guidelines specified in the USDA Animal Welfare ActPublic Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and internal policies and guidelines approved by the committee.

The NU-IACUC is the principal advisory group on humane care and use of animals for researchers and instructors who use animals at the University. The NU-IACUC is the appropriate body for resolving concerns involving the care and use of animals, which are brought to its attention by veterinarians, researchers, animal technicians, or others.

The NU-IACUC has the responsibility to ensure that all animal research activities are in compliance with applicable federal guidelines or regulations. The NU-IACUC is empowered to alter or to suspend a research activity whenever they determine that the activity is not in compliance.