Submitting a Protocol Amendment and Adding Personnel

Adding Personnel:  Adding personnel is to be done either at initial protocol submission or by using the Supplement P form.  The Supplement P form is to be completed and submitted  to the IACUC office electronically via email to [email protected].

Protocol Amendment Submission: To make changes to a current animal care and use protocol, a researcher must submit an amendment to the IACUC and have it approved prior to initiating any changes and starting any new work. All amendments submitted to the IACUC must be presented on the Supplement A Form.  This form is to be completed and submitted to the IACUC office electronically via email to [email protected].  Most amendments are reviewed by DMR and not at a convened meeting of the full IACUC.

Examples that need approval :

  • Adding Animals Needed or
  • Change in Pain Category
  • New Species to be Used
  • New procedure or change in procedure
  • Change in Location
  • Change in anesthetics
  • Change in strain of animal.
  • Addition of a surgery to the protocol.
  • Addition of the use of hazardous substances in animals(which also requires an Animal Hazardous Materials Addendum).

After the IACUC has reviewed and approved protocol amendments, the IACUC administrative office will send an approval email to the PI.  Protocol Approval Letters are only generated if needed in support of a grant.   To request a Protocol Approval Letter, please send an email request to the IACUC Office along with a copy of the animal section of the supporting grant, and a completed Grant/Protocol Congruency Form so the IACUC Office can confirm grant/protocol congruency and generate the supporting letter.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for this request.