Requirements For Working With Animals

To work with live animals, first one must be listed as a participant on an approved animal care and use protocol.  That is either done at the time of protocol submission or by submitting an amendment to the protocol using a  Supplement P Form.  Persons may not handle animals until they have been authorized by the IACUC Administrative Offices.

Once the person has been added to the protocol the participant they must complete the following:

  • Take our Canvas Course titled NU-IACUC & DLAM On-Line Training Course.  This course includes training in the safety concerns for working with laboratory animals.  The IACUC Office will add participants once someone is added to an animal protocol.  Once you complete the course you must take the quiz at the end.  A score of 75% or higher is required to pass.  Please email the DLAM/IACUC Office once this has been completed ([email protected]).
  • Complete and submit the Animal Contact Questionnaire (ACQ) to the IACUC Office to be medically cleared to work with laboratory animals.  Please email the completed document to [email protected].  The DLAM/IACUC Office will submit the ACQ to either the University Health and Counseling Services (Students), or Mount Auburn Hospital (Faculty/Staff).  The form will be reviewed by a medical professional and a medical clearance form will be submitted to the IACUC Office.  If medical clearance is not given, the individual will be contacted.
  • Receive a tour of the DLAM animal facility(s) you will be working in from the DLAM staff.  To arrange for a tour, go to the DLAM/IACUC office, pick up a business card of the designated technician for the facility you will work in.  Then contact the technician for a tour.  At the end of the tour, write your name on the back of the card and give it to the technician.  That will document your tour.
  • Submit or email a signed DLAM Facility Card Key Requisition Form to the DLAM/IACUC Office [email protected].  This will give the participant access to the animal facility and designated rooms using their Husky Card.  Please note: if your card does not give you access to the animal facility, you do not have authorization to work with animals.
  • Complete all training requirements assigned to you, on BioRaft, by your Lab Group

After these requirements have been met, the individual will be notified by the IACUC office and they may begin working with animals. At such time, the individual can be trained to work with animals either by designated individuals from their laboratory or the DLAM Veterinary Technician.