Protocol Amendments / Adding Personnel

Protocol Amendments

Any changes from the original protocol must be submitted to the NU-IACUC for approval using the Protocol Amendment Form-Supplement A.

This form is for investigators submitting amendments to the IACUC for changing/adding procedures, adding animals, and changing species. The form is self explanatory and investigators will only be required to fill out the sections that apply. We also remind researchers that no change is to be initiated until it has been fully approved by the NU-IACUC.

Examples of changes that require the formal submission of an amendment to the protocol include:

  • change in species
  • change in number of animals
  • change in, or new use of, surgical procedures
  • change in type of restraint
  • change in procedures that will increase pain or cause pain
  • change in, or new use of, infectious organisms in vivo
  • change in method of euthanasia
  • change in the significance and/or goals of the project.

Investigators are encouraged to discuss whether a change requires committee approval with the Director of the DLAM or the NU-IACUC Chairperson.

Adding Personnel

The Supplement P Form is used the add new personnel to an approved care and use protocol.

Annual Updates

The Animal Protocol Annual Review Form will be sent to PI’s by the NU-IACUC two to three months prior to the anniversary of their original protocol approval. This form is to be used to submit the annual protocol updates to the IACUC, as required by PHS Policy. This form is to be used to: update protocol status(active or not), report breeding numbers, delete personnel, and to update the IACUC of any unexpected losses or deaths of animals. Failure to complete this form may result in delays in the filling of animal orders, and ultimately, the termination of animal use privileges.