Animal Health Issues

The health and well being of animals at Northeastern University is of the utmost importance. On a daily basis, DLAM checks all cages for sick or injured animals. Any animal found sick or injured must be addressed immediately in the following manner:

  • The animal care technician will identify a sick animal by placing an orange health check card on the cage. This card identifies the PI, protocol #, and describes what the technician observes.
  • Next the animal technician will fill out the Health Monitoring Form on the door to the animal room.  This is a log of all health issues with the particular room.
  • The animal technician will then inform the veterinary/senior technician that a there is an animal health problem. Large animals (e.g.. rabbits) will have this information written in their individual record.
  • The vet/senior tech will examine the animal and speak with the DLAM Director and/or the Veterinarian to discuss a course of action or treatment.
  • Once the course of action is set, it will be discussed with the PI. If the PI does not approve the course of action, it will then be referred back to the veterinarian for action. All treatments and observations will be documented on the Health Check Card or the Progress Notes/Animal Record form (for rabbits only).
  • If an animal is found to be moribund, the animal technician is to call the PI immediately.
    • If the PI or anyone on his or her staff cannot be reached, the technician may euthanize the animal.
    • If the technician is not sure if the animal should be euthanized, they will contact the Veterinarian or the Director.

If you need to report an animal health issue, please contact the DLAM office.