Per diem Rates

(Effective July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024)

Charged By The Cage:

Species/Cage Type:Cost CenterRate
Mouse Ventilated/StaticMse-Vent/Stat$0.93
Mouse Ventilated-SterileMse-Vent-Sterile$1.35
Mouse Static-SterileMse-Stat Sterile$1.40
Mouse QuarantineMse Quar$1.71
RatRat Reg$1.17
HamsterHamster Cage$1.17
Cages used in Biohazard(BL-2)/Chemical/Radioactive/Metabolic Cage experiments are charged 2x the standard rate to cover the extra costs associated with specialized cage set up/washing, and decontamination/disposal of waste.


Charged by the Animal:

Species/Cage Type:Cost Center Rate
Other species****
Biohazard/Chemical/Radioactive/Metabolic cages are 2x the standard rate


*      PI’s that house and care for their own animals will be charged full per diem rate to cover the costs of food, bedding, cage washing supplies, room monitoring, and veterinary care.

**    The rates for species not typically housed at NU have to be determined prior to ordering the animals.  Rates charged are based on the resources required to care for the animals.


Charges for Using Extra Innovive Disposable Cage Supplies**:

MouseCage Bottom with Corn Cobb or Alpha Dri$3.78
MouseFull Set Up: (Cage Bottom, Cage Top, Diet Delivery, water Bottle, & Cage Card Holder)$10.00
MousePre-Filled Water Bottle$1.60
RatCage Bottom with Corn Cobb$10.00
RatFull Set Up: (Cage Bottom, Cage Top, Water Bottle, & Cage Card Holder)$19.00
RatWater Bottle$1.65

** These charges are for extra caging and supplies beyond the regular animal husbandry change schedule or for special studies. As always, re-usable cages are provided in all rooms for temporary housing/transporting of animals within the facility.  There is no cost for using these.