Importing/Exporting Animals

Northeastern University is responsible for maintaining good working relations within the research community. In our commitment to that, we require all shipments of mice to and from Northeastern University to be coordinated by DLAM.

This process is designed to prevent the contamination of DLAM animal colonies from animals of unknown or untested sources. See the Policy on Importation and Exportation of Rodents to and from Atypical Sources.

All rodents brought into the University from non-vendor sources (i.e. another university) must be quarantined for a period of 5-8 weeks.  During the quarantine period, mice are treated with fenbendazole impregnated diet to treat for parasites and are tested for specific virus, bacteria, mycoplasma and internal and external parasites.  After the completion of quarantine and if the animals health status is comparable to animal room where the animal will be housed, the animals will be released into the DLAM colonies.  If not, then the PI will look at other options with the DLAM Director.   All costs for quarantine will be the responsibility of the PI.