Getting Access to Animals

First thing to do is add students to your protocol by filling out the Protocol Amendment Supplement Form form.

    • Begin by checking off the box marked “Change in Personnel” and follow the instructions on the form
    • Once complete, submit your form to the DLAM office

While waiting for the amendment to be processed, students should complete all necessary laboratory safety quizzes required by EHS and/or the department. For more information on EHS requirements for lab safety training please contact EHS or your EHS representative.

Once the protocol amendment has been accepted, your students will have a DLAM animal safety course added to their blackboard account that they must complete.

After completing the online quiz,  students should fill out the Animal Contact Questionnaire and also the Card Access form

Next, the students should set up a meeting with Sean Sullivan to go over important issues regarding animal handling and safety. These meetings occur as needed on Thursdays at 10:00 AM. Meetings will not occur if there are no new students to train, so please contact the DLAM office early in the week to schedule a meeting with Sean.  Students should bring with them, their completed Animal Contact Questionnaire and a copy of their Card Access Form complete with the signature of the lab PI.

Following the meeting with Sean, students should set up a tour of the animal facilities with one of the DLAM staff members.

Once all paper work has been submitted, access to animals must be approved by either the New England Baptist Hospital or the University Health Services. In the case of University Health Services, if access has not been cleared within a week of submitting your paperwork, contact University Health Services first before contacting DLAM to ensure that they have all the necessary materials and/or to find out if the students have any deficiencies that bar them from animal research.